Essential things you will need to kick start at a UK university

You have gone through the admission processes and finally been accepted into your dream university… Now, it’s time to move to the UK.

Packing can be stressful but it will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your Uni life. You may have all the basics but you will continue to believe that you are forgetting something or the other until the last minute. Our very own UAE students in the 2nd Year of a UK University have put together a checklist to ease the stress:

Note: Do remember to check with the airline the baggage allowance you have before starting to pack.

The climate in the UK is variable, so bring clothes for both warm and cold weather. During the summer (June–August), the temperature can range from 10° to 30°C and during the winter (December–February), average temperatures are between 1° and 5°C.


  1. Important documents

These include the acceptance letter from UCAS, academic transcripts from previous examinations and details of your visa (if you need one), the accommodation contract letter, health certificates, vaccination records (any important x-rays), any insurance documents.

  1. Bedroom essentials:

Mattress protector, duvet and duvet covers, pillows and pillow cases, bedsheets, simple clothes hangers, photos of family and friends, door stopper (it is better to keep the door open while moving into the halls of residence or shared house as it is a great way to start conversations with other students / housemates), ear plugs, hot water bottle.

  1. Kitchen essentials:

Buy items with a unique design so they don’t get mixed up with the ones that belong to the others’ living with/around you. Plates (large and medium), bowls, mugs, glasses, frying pan and a simple recipe book. Other important kitchen items (especially heavier ones) you can buy after you settle down.

  1. Stationery or study essentials:

Highlighters, Post-it notes, diary/planner, hole punch, calculator, stapler, pens, notepads and folders to organize your documents.

  1. Bathroom essentials:

Towels, toothbrush and toothbrush holder, basic medicines – paracetamol (for colds and flu), a wash bag, deodorant, hairbrush / comb, liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. (Take all in small quantities for the initial days as you can buy them in regular quantities later)

  1. Other important must haves:

Good speakers for partying or relaxing, alarm clock, extension leads with multiple plug sockets (UK plug sockets take three rectangular pins), lots of loungewear (you’ll spend most of your time in comfortable clothes), laptop and charger, headphones, your local food or drink to share with your new housemates.







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