6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a UK University

Now when you have decided which country you want to study in, the next big question is ‘which university you should study at?’. This is quite a big challenge as there are over 150 universities and university-level higher education colleges in the UK.

We want to make sure that you do the right research before making your university course choices. Here are a few factors based on which you will make your choice:

  1. Ask the following questions to yourself: Do you want an ideal work placement or the course with the least continuous assessment? what are your major priorities? Are you looking for the best course or one that is quite good but offers the options you really want?

  2. Your choice of course: it is a big task in itself if you are going for a major subject like Chemistry, Law, Mathematics etc. Although if you looking for courses like veterinary science, your choices will narrow down from a number of possible universities to a very few.
  3. Explore the university rankings: after selection of your course and the universities providing the same to you, it’s quite necessary to learn more in detail about individual universities and how they compare with each other by using the World University Rankings and the subject rankings.

  4. Location: would you like to stay at the central or the suburban areas? Key considerations include living costs, culture, weather and a bunch of other features that vary from place to place. Should it be London or Nottingham? It’s always a good decision to visit the college on an open day before you make your final decision.
  5. University Visits/Student Life:  Even if you can’t visit a university, admission consultants (IPC,Gulf) can put you in touch with current students so you can hear first-hand what it is really like. It’s important to check whether the university offers all the necessary support to students , i.e., careers advice, a personal tutor system, counseling, and more.

  6. Other important factors include social life, financial aid opportunities, graduation rate, student to teacher ratio, internships and job placement rates, and academic resources.

If you still have questions, call us at 0504293760 for more information.


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